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The Syndicat d'Initiative of the Aerenzdallgemeng (Medernach, Ermsdorf, Savelborn, Eppeldorf, Stegen, Folkendange, Keiwelbach) are pleased to meet you.

In Medernach you will find a monument which recalls the defense of the village by American Soldiers during winter 1944-45, a church (1806) with a baroque autel (1700) and a serie of stone road crosses

Each year, an exhibition of regional Luxembourg products to eat and drink is organized the first weekend of september.

From May till September: a barefoot walking track and motor activities park

The churches of Eppeldorf, Ermsdorf and Stegen are worth to be visited. On hiking track E8 in Stegen you have a nice view point with pique nique area as well as on hiking track E6 with its departure in Ermsdorf or Eppeldorf. 


DSC04393 2018 concert classique eppeldorf


Den Syndicat d'Initiative et du Tourisme Aerenzdallgemeng a.s.b.l. invitéiert op e

klassesche Concert - Sommerserenade

e Samschdeg, 14. Juli 2018    -    19:30 Auer
an der Kierch zu Eppelduerf    Entrée gratis

Et sangen a spillen :     
Sopran : Frolieb Stollwerck
Alt : Sabine Kogler
Klavier : Martin Pillwein

Duette und Opernarien
für zwei Frauenstimmen

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