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This picture shows you the last person with the surname "Medernach" who lived in the village of Medernach : Nicolas Medernach, born 1898, died 28.01.1943, his calling name was "Jee's Néckel" He was a boy from a big farmer family and fell down a barn's roof and was seriously injured, and he kept terrible headaches his whole life around.

When he grew up, he left his family and decided to live in the forest under the sandy rocks.  Just in wintertime he came back to the village to do some works for the farmers and sleep in the warm barn and eat warm soup.  He was harmless, but children and women were quite afraid of him, because of his looks and black beard.

In 1940, when the Hitler troops came to Luxembourg, he was declared "unsocial" and was moved to an asylum in Diekirch, where he died 1943.

He had 4 sisters : Catharina, Elisabeth, Helena and Maria, his parents were Wilhelm Medernach and Catharina Scholtes.


There seems to have been a John P. Medernach in Bethlehem, USA who was a fabricant of tobacco, look at this tin which was sold on ebay in 2006 for more than 180 US dollars.

There was a Café  "Medernach's" in Pendleton, Oregon, with saloon where you could play (poker ?) with this token.  Also a view from the J.P. Medernach building in Pendleton Oregon (same as the café?) Some more details here.

medernach oregon
medernach ice cream truck medernach ice cream truck detail

Here are two very fine 1940s snapshots that may be from the New York City area. Both show two men on a truck with the Medernach's Ice Cream sign, and one man has "A.M.M." mongramme on his shirt, so maybe he is of the Medernach family and maybe the owner. The fotos were sold on ebay.

In Strasbourg, France, there is a Chapellerie Medernach (a hat-maker) just next to the cathedral (picture taken June 2010).

chapellerie medernach strasbourg
EN Medernach Danville VA

There was a photographer E.N. Medernach in Danville, Virginia, USA, this is one of his photographs.


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henry and mary medernach in usa
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