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Welcome to the press department of the Syndicat d'Initiative et du Tourisme Aerenzdallgemeng.

Here, you will find our press news, press releases, a series of texts which you can use for your articles. 

You are a journalist and would like to have more information about the region?  Just send an email to: . If you are planning a shooting and need to get in contact with the competent people we will assist you to do so, as well from far away as on the spot once you will be here.  It is also possible to meet the manager from the regional tourist office of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland.

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Photos and texts to download are free for use, please send us a copy of your publication for our records.
Thank you.


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Generalversammlung SIT Aerenzdallgemeng

Generalversammlung SIT Aerenzdallgemeng

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klassësche Concert zu Eppelduerf an der Kierch

klassesche Concert - Frühlingsserenade

e Samschdeg, 29. Juni 2019   -    19:30 Auer

an der Kierch zu Eppelduerf   

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