The barefoot woodland walk in Medernach Kengert


The barefoot woodland walk in Medernach Kengert

Start: large field next to camping "Auf Kengert"

Localisation (745 meter laang / lang / longueur / length)
GPS : 49.801482, 6.199132 / +49° 48' 5.34", +6° 11' 56.88"

 Participation is free, reservation recommended for larger groups.

The barefoot woodland walk is open every day from May 1st till September 30th.

The road is approximately 745 meters long and one meter wide. Walking will give you awareness of the various materials such as sand, barkmulch, gravel, sand, grass, wood, stones or pebbles. An event for young and old alike. So take off your shoes and start pure pleasure.

Fun and Fitness "back to basics"

Please download the folder hereunder and the offers for lunch for kid groups from schools, crèches, kindergartens,... (in french).  This of course only when the restaurant is allowed to be open and in respect of the sanitary conditions.

The barefoot hiking trail is open between April 30th and September 30th. So you are very welcome to come and do the track, it's free. 

If you want to have a picnic on the meadow of the campsite, we ask you to pay the daily rate of the campsite, persons above 12 years 3.00 euro and children up to 12 years 2.00 euro p.p. to be paid at the campsite reception, please. You can then also use the camping toilets and the playground with the 2-meter distance rules and a mask. 

The motor activities park in Medernach-Kengert (Aerenzdallgemeng)

The motor activities park encourages physical and mental fitness in a spacious area with specially-designed equipment that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Various exercises can be carried out at individual stations and participants can put their own ideas into practice too.

The motor activities park provides both children and adults with the opportunity to train balance, coordination, strength and fitness whilst recharging their energy levels.

Motoric skills can be developed, as the brain stores the results. Nowadays, children lead a more sedentary lifestyle as they no longer play like they used to (hopscotch, running through rough terrain, climbing trees...). Consequently, natural movement is reduced and here they are given a helping hand.

The motor activities park encourages the body to move in another way than usually (“different walking”). The various stations make you move in a different, more creative way in nature. Balance and muscles are particularly trained while having fun at the same time. There is a selection of exercises to try on the stations, enabling you to experience versatile and creative movement in the natural environment.

The motor activities park is even a suitable training method for competitive athletes. The inventor of the concept, sports scientist Dr. Roland Werthner, developed it for his brother Georg Werthner, four-time Olympian in decathlon. Similarly, two national teams in Austria are using the motor activities park for their training.

Tables describing the exercises, instructions for use, and the expected effects of training are found at each station.

Participation at your own risk, highway code is to be respected.
The organizer is not liable for accidents or theft.
Through his participation everyone agrees with the conditions of the organizer.
There is no participation fee.
The place and plants are to be left in clean condition.

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The barefoot woodland walk and the motor activities park were awarded with the "EureWelcome" Label from the Ministry of Tourism.  Details can be found on under the category "Walking and Hiking"

book online for the barefoot walk, please quote the date,the time and the number of persons

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