Les armoiries de Medernach

Origin of the name

Medernach is named in different publications, starting around 1033/34 when it's name is Madrenai. Later, in 1048 Medrenai, Medrenay, starting from 1234 Medernach, in luxembourgish Miedernach.

The arms of Medernach

In 1986, the Medernach maire and his council gave the order to Mr. Marcel Lenertz, an arms-expert, to design the arms of Medernach, basing on historical facts.


Coupe émanché d'argent à la fasce vivrée de gueules, et de sable à trois trèfles d'or, posés 2 et 1.


fasce vivrée de gueules sur champ d'argent :

this is the 'M' in red, surrounded by silver, laid of by the arms of 'Kerpen', who were the seigneurs of Moestroff in the 13th and 14th century and owned Medernach (M- Medernach's initial).

Champ de sable

Taken from the arms of Savelborn (hamlet in the area of the Medernach commune), sable means black in the arms terminology. (Savel... - sable).

Trèfles d'or

Taken from the arms of Pletschette, a seigneurial farm within the area of the Medernach commune, colour golden.

Wappen Medernach

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